A Master Returns: Interview with Tsui Hark – Jade Screen

Tsui Hark

Born in 1950 in Vietnam, the young Tsui Hark first travelled to Hong Kong in 1966 to attend secondary school. In the years that followed he studied at University in the US and became enamoured by the world of media, becoming immersed in newspaper press, theatre and television work. After leaving the US, he returned to Hong Kong in 1977 to begin work as a TV producer and director. In time he would forge some of the most popular Blockbusters in the history of Hong Kong cinema, including the Once Upon a Time in China, A Chinese Ghost Story and A Better Tomorrow series, and most recently the award winning Detective Dee, starring Andy Lau. Tsui Hark was kind enough to talk me through his many years of filmmaking and discuss his latest project which many see as a return to form for this master of the action arena.

This interview, complete with an updated introduction, is due to appear in my book “Life of Action”. The book is due for release soon…