I am a lifelong lover of cinema and have a special passion for the action genre. As a result, I work in the film business in various ways. I wrote the book “Life of Action” and wrote two chapters for “Enter the Fat Dragon: The Life & Films of Sammo Hung”. More book projects are on the way.

My writing has been featured in magazines such as Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat, MMA Uncaged, Jade Screen: The Ultimate Asian Movie Magazine, Screen Power: The Jackie Chan Magazine, Hong Kong Cinemagic and AskMen.com.

I also work as an action choreographer, train in martial arts and run the occasional film fighting workshop. Take a look at the Filmography page above for more information.

I’ve spoken at events such as MCM London Comic Con and appeared on various podcasts. I’m available for commentary and insight into martial arts and action cinema, in articles, at events, DVD commentaries and so on. Long live this most dynamic art form!

You can contact me for further information.

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