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Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD

Critically acclaimed documentary Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD finally arrives in the UK and offers a very welcome, surprisingly overdue account of legendary comic 2000AD, the title that gave birth to Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper, among others, plus big breaks to creators like Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum). For anyone interested in these iconic titles, and comic aficionados, or lovers of pop culture, Paul Goodwin’s documentary is a strong, tightly woven retelling of this fascinating history. Charting the story of the multi-award winning …

Veteran: Interview with Ryoo Seung-wan

During a recent visit to the London East Asia Film Festival for the premiere of his latest film Veteran, South Korean writer, director and producer Ryoo Seung-wan was kind enough to make some time for a small group interview. Along with Andrew and James from easternKicks and Paul from Hangul Celluloid, we discussed this new film with the man himself and got some great insight into a movie which has now become one of the highest grossing films in Korean cinema history – an amazing feat by …

The Top Martial Arts Movie Villains

The Book The Film The T-Shirt presented this piece to coincide with the release of my book, Life of Action! In any story of good vs evil, a hero needs a strong, worthy villain to overcome. The best villains will always appear as good as (if not better than) the unlikely protagonist and only through sheer perseverance and battling the odds will our hero ultimately emerge triumphant. Throughout the decades, the martial arts genre has seen many villains transcend status as generic “bad guys” …

Mad, Bad and Beyond the Reach

Hollywood icon Michael Douglas is back in crazed badass mode as Madec, a rich, ruthless businessman and avid game hunter. Searching for a new trophy to add to his collection, he hires young tracker Ben, played by Jeremy Irvine (The Railway Man, War Horse) as his guide through the Reach, a vast and hostile basin in the Mojave Desert. When the hunt goes tragically wrong and an innocent man is accidentally killed, Ben finds himself the target of Madec’s fiendish and desperate cover-up. …

Wolf Warrior invades the UK

Wolf Warrior, starring and directed by Wu Jing and co-starring Scott Adkins, finally arrives in the UK. This follows its successful Chinese box office result and recent release in North America. Leng Feng (Wu Jing), a special forces soldier, is spending time in confinement for disobeying an order and killing a notorious drug lord. However, his extraordinary marksmanship soon earns him recruitment into the elite Wolf Warrior squadron. But before long, the squadron is ambushed during a training exercise by a troop of deadly …

Movies That Inspired Life of Action

Over on the Life of Action Facebook page, we’ve been celebrating the great movies which inspired the book. I think it’s crucially important to acknowledge specific work, as well as the artists who made it happen. I also hope the book encourages people to re-visit, or see for the first time, certain movies in a new light or with fresh insight, as this was definitely my aim. Films like Undisputed II and III changed the Martial Arts movie landscape, especially in the …

Mississippi Burning comes to Blu-ray

Originally nominated for an impressive six Oscars, Mississippi Burning still makes for powerful, striking and occasionally uncomfortable viewing, and remains one of director Alan Parker‘s best works. When three civil rights activists go missing deep in Mississippi in 1964, the FBI are called in to investigate. Agents Anderson (Gene Hackman) and Ward (Willem Dafoe) are poles apart in their approach, one methodical and by-the-book, the other more cynical with age and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job …

The Decline of Western Civilization Collection

Penelope Spheeris‘ iconic music documentaries finally arrive on DVD and Blu-ray in a complete set with a whole host of extras. This reissue (released in the US by Shout! Factory and the UK by Second Sight Films) is the first opportunity to own the films as a complete set with the 1988 sequel, The Metal Years, not widely available on DVD and the third film never commercially unreleased until now. To this day, The Decline of Western Civilization is a crucially important document …

Colors arrives on Blu-ray

Dennis Hopper‘s seminal 1988 cop drama remains a powerful, unrelenting piece of cinema and finally sees its UK Blu-ray debut for new and long-time fans to rediscover. From visionary director and Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper, the story of Colors unravels with street-wise veteran cop Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) and his new, hotheaded rookie partner Danny McGavin (Sean Penn) grappling with their new working relationship on the gang-ridden streets of Los Angeles and the endless acts of violence between the Bloods, Crips and Hispanic gangs. With …

Guest on Double Page Spread Podcast

I was very happy to be invited as a guest on the Double Page Spread podcast (episode 123) to discuss writing Life of Action, its featured stars and filmmakers, movies, my own film work, the state of the action industry and a range of other topics. Big thanks to host Wendi Freeman for having me! You can listen here.

10/10 Book Review from Kung Fu Kingdom

I’m very proud and grateful that my book Life of Action earned a really strong review and 10/10 score from Kung Fu Kingdom! They described it as: “A brilliant consolidation of interviews with the filmmakers, actors and stunt people who bring us the action films that we love to watch. The questions asked are thoughtful and pertinent, and the answers provided are interesting and useful…” Read the full review here!

The Best Martial Arts Horror Movies

Horror Cult Films presented this piece to coincide with the recent release of my book, Life of Action! When two extreme genres collide, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Spanning well known and loved films from both the East and West, the tradition of blending dynamic fight action and blood ’n guts has always appealed to audiences and brought together the best of both worlds for genre fans. To celebrate the release of Life of Action, a new book featuring …

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