A Tribute to Shing Fui-on (1955-2009) – Jade Screen

Shing Fui-on is a name that needs no introduction to avid Hong Kong movie fans. Widely recognized from action and gangster films throughout the 1980s and 90s, Shing Fui-On, also known as ‘Daai So’ (‘Big Crazy’ in Cantonese) was one of cinema’s best loved villains. From his difficult early life battling poverty through to his rough and tough days as a young gang member, Shing was a rebel lucky enough to find an outlet for his energy in the film industry. In time he would become one …

Bruce Lee’s 10 Greatest Hits – Jade Screen

I wrote this article analysing and dissecting some of Bruce Lee’s very best fight scenes and what made them special After our look at Bruce Lee’s now-famous use of the nunchaku in the last issue, it is also important to remember the range and diversity of Bruce’s fight scenes. Through this he explored many different techniques and methods in a tragically short filmmaking career. Bruce was widely renowned for addressing complex, often challenging issues in his film work, contributing ideas and …

Jackie Chan’s Police Story trilogy examined – Screen Power

This is an article I wrote on the original, classic Police Story trilogy, still among my favourite Jackie Chan movies and arguably some of the best Hong Kong action films ever made! This was written for Jackie’s official Screen Power Magazine. Jackie Chan’s Police Story is not simply one of his most memorable and iconic films, but also one of the most important pieces of 20th century action cinema. The 1985 original influenced action filmmakers around the world and set new …

Sex and Serial Killers: A Brief Guide to Category III Horror

This was originally written back in 2010 to be featured in a (sadly) discontinued new book on horror cinema from around the world. I wrote this short chapter to give genre fans an insight into the crazy world of Hong Kong’s Category III horror! As the publisher never completed the book, here’s my self-published chapter for your enjoyment! Hong Kong cinema is widely known for its high-octane Martial Arts and action titles. However, any hardcore fan will testify to the …

Bruce Lee’s Enter The Nunchaku – Jade Screen

An article I wrote on Bruce Lee’s use of the nunchuku weapon in his films and how it propelled into popular culture. Traditional martial arts weapons have always played an integral part in teaching and practice. For centuries this has been moulded by rigorous training, discipline and an understanding of their origin, purpose and significance. This article examines Bruce Lee’s now-legendary use of the nunchaku in his film and TV work… Read the article here!

Donnie Yen’s Fist of Fury TV Series – Jade Screen

Article I wrote a while back on Donnie Yen’s Fist of Fury TV series made back in the 90s. Since then the show was re-edited for two DVD movies and found a cult following among Yen’s modern day fanbase. For fans of both Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen, ATV’s Fist of Fury series is an impressive and admirable accomplishment and holds a strong foundation as one of the landmark action series of the 1990s… Read the article ????????      

Jackie Chan’s Art of the Dragon – Screen Power

A different look at the man, the myth, the legend: Jackie Chan. This is a feature I wrote for Screen Power Magazine on Jackie’s work as an actor, focusing less on the action and more on his underrated performances. No action star can match the unique talents of Jackie Chan. Audiences consistently recognise how his characteristic blend of physical action and slapstick comedy has long been imitated, but never surpassed. With a hugely focused work ethic, Jackie is known for applying serious dedication and focus to his …

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