Book review in Film Comment Magazine

There was a very positive one page review of my book Life of Action in the July/August 2015 issue of Film Comment Magazine! It’s featured in the print edition only so pick it up if you can. Hopefully it will be made available online at some point, otherwise you can order it or find out more about the magazine over at Film Comment is the official publication of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Founded in 1962 and originally released as a …

Bodyguard: A New Beginning on HBO

If you haven’t seen it, this is well worth a look. Bodyguard: A New Beginning from writer, director and producer Chee Keong Cheung is showing on HBO this month! You can view showtimes here. As a big fan of the film since its release back in 2008, I can definitely recommend it. Alongside Cheung and co-star/producer Mark Strange, the film was also produced by Mike Leeder, who worked on the casting and makes a cameo, plus it features a great roster of …

Revenge of the Green Dragons

This is an interesting spin on the genre. A gangster drama set in the Chinese immigrant community of New York in the 1980’s. Hyping up the accolades of being co-directed by Infernal Affairs‘ Andrew Lau and exec produced by Martin Scorsese, the film sets a precedent for the style and quality of this particular gangster tale. So what’s the result? With the story inspired by true events from an article of the time, Sonny and Steven are two Chinese-American immigrants surviving …

Steve Austin’s Greatest Hits

I’m a big fan of Steve Austin and the raw style he brings to the broad spectrum of action movies. While I love elaborate action films and crazy Martial Arts and stunt displays, there’s something homely about good ol’ fashioned toughness and action doing exactly what it says on the tin. Delivering his Stone Cold persona and brand onto the screen, he pays homage to the somewhat vintage, back-to-basics qualities of old time heroes and villains, relying on natural charisma, flair …

7/10 book review from Starburst Magazine

I’m very proud that my book Life of Action has earned a really positive review and 7/10 score from Starburst Magazine! They even went on to say the book represents “an irresistible opportunity to learn more about the lives and work of hard-working, largely-unsung and often fairly anonymous filmmakers.” You can read the full review here. Thanks for the support!

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Pound of Flesh

Fans have anticipated Pound of Flesh for quite some time. Being a lifelong fan myself, of Jean-Claude Van Damme and many others involved in the project, the setup was intriguing for pretty much any genre fan. Following plenty of publicity surrounding the film, including JCVD’s appearance on Conan (re-enacting his legendary Kickboxer dance here) the film has finally arrived. In China to donate a kidney to his dying niece, Deacon (Van Damme), a former black-ops agent, wakes the day before the operation to find he …

Skin Trade Arrives

This is one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Long in development and with various personnel changes along the way, Dolph Lundgren‘s passion project was evolving as early as 2007 with the Big Swede penning the script and originally down to direct until he handed over the reigns, steering the ship as writer/producer. And incidentally, for anyone drawing parallels to Taken, Dolph actually wrote the script before the Liam Neeson actioner was made, inspired by an article he read on human …

Interview with Kung Fu Movie Guide

Here’s a new, in-depth interview I did with Kung Fu Movie Guide discussing many topics including my book, Life of Action, action genre trends, working with Scott Adkins, the legacy of Darren Shahlavi and more. Thanks for the opportunity and support! They wrote: “Life of Action is the first book by film journalist Mike Fury. It’s a detailed analysis of action cinema told by some of the genre’s most famous names and features interviews with stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, directors …

Isaac Florentine Exclusive with Moviescope

To celebrate the release of my book Life of Action, renowned filmmaking magazine Moviescope shared an exclusive extract from Undisputed & Ninja director Isaac Florentine‘s interview, discussing his earliest memories working in America, having moved from Israel as a young man. Read the full article here. Remember, you can order the book in print and ebook formats from here!

Steven Seagal’s Mercenary: Absolution

With the release of Steven Seagal‘s latest movie, Mercenary: Absolution, I took the opportunity to not only catch the big man’s new flick, but willfully digress a little into my fascination with all things Steven. I’ve always had a soft spot for Steven Seagal movies. Most fans will agree there are those classics that everyone mentions (Nico, Out For Justice, Under Siege) and then, in more recent years, a very mixed bag of the awful (Attack Force, Flight of Fury) to …

Falcon Rising: Interview with Michael Jai White

Falcon Rising, a true passion project from action star and filmmaker Michael Jai White, is finally arriving on UK DVD. In the film, John “Falcon” Chapman (MJW) is an ex-marine anti-hero plagued with guilt and trauma after returning home from conflict. On a self-destructive edge, he learns his sister has been brutally beaten in the favelas of Brazil and travels there to hunt down her attackers, waging war on all criminals and corrupt cops he encounters during his new, self-proclaimed mission. Michael Jai White visited …

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