A Tribute to Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

Following the recent passing of Lau Kar Leung, another loss was felt in the Martial Arts movie world as iconic star Jim Kelly, who rose to prominence in the 1970s, also passed away this week. Well loved and recognised as the first African American Martial Arts star and best remembered as Williams in Bruce Lee‘s Enter the Dragon, his work truly stood the test of time, broke cultural and social barriers and served as an inspiration to many. When he …

A Tribute to Lau Kar Leung (1934-2013)

Some very sad news hit the Martial Arts movie community this week when it was announced that legendary Hong Kong filmmaker, fight coordinator and actor, Lau Kar Leung, passed away following a 20 year battle with lymphatic cancer. His contributions and influence in action cinema cannot be overstated and tributes have poured in from his friends, colleagues and fans all over the world. In his lifetime he amassed an incredible volume of popular work; winning awards and earning several nominations …

5 Video Games Which Need a Film Reboot

Okay… so we’ve all seen the movies based on video games which didn’t live up to expectation. Unfortunately it seems to be the norm. But I don’t want to rant about the worst (and there are plenty of other lists like that out there!). Following a lot of conversations I’ve had, I’ve been thinking about some of the best games which could make genuinely solid movies. We’ve heard announcements about Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed but what about the others? …

Gary Daniels is Forced to Fight

With his latest release, Forced to Fight, arriving in the UK later this year, Martial Arts favourite Gary Daniels will make his long-awaited return to the fight genre. With a career spanning 25+ years, he’s starred in a wide range of Martial Arts gems and earned his place as one of the most iconic faces of the 80s and 90s VHS glory days. In his new movie, ex-fighter Shane Slavin (Daniels) decides to turn his life around, promising his wife …

Walter Hill: Godfather of Action

Walter Hill has been one of my absolute favourite directors for as long as I can remember. Just revisiting any one of his smart, brooding and nail-biting classics immediately reaffirms why his work stands the test of time and brings rare intelligence and creativity to the action genre. From cult classics to mainstream successes, his films offer a fascinating insight into a nostalgic era of cinema while continually testing and pushing audiences. With the release of Bullet to the Head, …

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