Heart of a Lion: Interview with Martial Arts actor, Don Niam

A very extensive interview I did with legendary Martial Arts movie villain, Stingray, from Undefeatable! Don Niam is an American Martial Arts actor, best known from his work opposite Cynthia Rothrock in the movie, Undefeatable. The film features one of the most popular fight scenes of all time, a clip that would become an undisputed YouTube hit! In the movie, Don played the terrifying villain, Stingray, and utilised his lifelong training in Martial Arts creating one of the most memorable …

Interview with Taiwanese Director, Yu-Hsien Lin – Jade Screen

Yu-Hsien Lin is an acclaimed Taiwanese director whose creative filmmaking style has been picking up new fans all over the world. His documentary Jump Boys! portraying child gymnasts struggling to succeed in their budding careers, remains one of Taiwan’s most popular documentaries and elevated his status from new filmmaker to national talent. I caught up with Lin when he visited the UK to attend the European Premiere of his latest film, Sorry I Love You. Download the interview here!

Life Lessons From An Action Star with Scott Adkins – AskMen.com

Written with Scott Adkins A new entry into The Expert 10 series from popular online men’s magazine, AskMen.com, written with British action star, Scott Adkins. He is best known from his unique, otherworldly brand of physical action and roles in popular films like Undisputed II and III, Ninja and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Having just finished filming his latest movie: Weapon, starring alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott was kind enough to share some unique action star lessons all men can learn …

Path of a Warrior: Interview with Martial Arts actor, John Miller

Extensive interview with John Miller, Undefeatable’s famous good guy and co-star to the Queen of Martial Arts movies, Cynthia Rothrock! This is my complete, uncut interview with Martial Arts actor, John Miller, best known from his starring roles in the Cynthia Rothrock movies, Honor and Glory and Undefeatable. John’s final fight in Undefeatable against arch-villain Stingray, played by Don Niam, has even become a YouTube hit and features some of the most quoted one liners in Martial Arts movie history! In …

The Expendables: Uncut Interview with The Brit, Gary Daniels

My full, uncut interview with British action legend, Gary Daniels, on his recent work in Sylvester Stallone’s star-studded epic, The Expendables. In this exclusive coverage, Gary speaks in-depth about how he came to co-star in one of the biggest action movies ever made and shares his unique experiences working alongside some of the greatest action icons of all time. Huge thanks to Gary and a well deserved congratulations once again! Download the interview here!

The Expendables: Shooting An Action Scene with Gary Daniels – AskMen.com

Written with Gary Daniels. British Kickboxing sensation and actor, Gary Daniels, shares the screen with three generations of action star in Sylvester Stallone’s hugely anticipated action epic, The Expendables. Co-starring as The Brit, a former Expendable turned bad, Gary takes on his former teammates and faces a two-on-one battle again Jason Statham and Jet Li!  Gary was kind enough to share some experiences working on the biggest action movie of the summer… Read the interview here!

Strange Days: Seni 2010 with Mark Strange – Martial Arts Illustrated

Mark Strange is an up-and-coming British Martial Arts action star and takes the lead in his new, no-holds-barred fight movie, 12 (Twelve). With over 26 years experience in Martial Arts competition, Mark was invited to Hong Kong where he worked alongside Jackie Chan on The Medallion and performed under action director, Donnie Yen, on The Twins Effect. Having attended Seni – the International Combat Sports Show – this year to promote the DVD release of 12 (Twelve), Mark reflects on …

Interview with Mark Strange – Hong Kong Cinemagic

Mark Strange is an up-and-coming British action star and fighting champion with over 26 years experience in Martial Arts. Coming from a strong fighting background, having competed all over the world and working as an instructor, Mark pursued a lifelong passion in film and was invited to Hong Kong to work with Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen. Upon completing the films and returning to the UK, Mark has been developing his growing body of work and helping put British action …

Top 5 Essential Supplements with Mark Strange – AskMen.com

Written with Mark Strange. Part 2 of the original feature, How to Get An Action Star Physique, with British action star, Mark Strange for the popular online men’s magazine, AskMen.com. This follow-up piece focuses on Mark’s top rated supplements to aid training. With years of experience in training, nutrition and all-round physical conditioning, martial arts expert Mark Strange’s knowledge is second to none when it comes to getting into shape. AskMen spoke to Mark whilst in training for his next film …

Interview with Leo Au-Yeung – Hong Kong Cinemagic

Leo Au-Yeung is a martial arts master with the unique credentials of being the only appointed Wing Chun instructor for the hugely popular Ip Man movies: Wilson Yip’s Ip Man and Herman Yau’s Ip Man: The Legend is Born. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Leo subsequently travelled to the UK in order to study at University. As a keen and heavily devoted practitioner of Wing Chun, he was able to train under some of the most prolific instructors in …

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