Interview with Taiwanese Director, Yu-Hsien Lin – Jade Screen

Yu-Hsien Lin is an acclaimed Taiwanese director whose creative filmmaking style has been picking up new fans all over the world. His documentary Jump Boys! portraying child gymnasts struggling to succeed in their budding careers, remains one of Taiwan’s most popular documentaries and elevated his status from new filmmaker to national talent. I caught up with Lin when he visited the UK to attend the European Premiere of his latest film, Sorry I Love You. Download the interview here!

Good To Be Bad: Chan Chi-Fai – Jade Screen

The Best of the Hong Kong movie villains… Chan Chi-Fai is a hugely underrated Hong Kong character actor, well known among fans for his slimy, loathsome villains. Having acted for some 30 years (first appearing onscreen in 1981), he has enjoyed a hugely successful career as a strong supporting player, best known from films like A Better Tomorrow, As Tears Go By and Return of the God of Gamblers. Download the article here!

Strange Days: Seni 2010 with Mark Strange – Martial Arts Illustrated

Mark Strange is an up-and-coming British Martial Arts action star and takes the lead in his new, no-holds-barred fight movie, 12 (Twelve). With over 26 years experience in Martial Arts competition, Mark was invited to Hong Kong where he worked alongside Jackie Chan on The Medallion and performed under action director, Donnie Yen, on The Twins Effect. Having attended Seni – the International Combat Sports Show – this year to promote the DVD release of 12 (Twelve), Mark reflects on …

Beardy Strikes Back! The Return of Leung Kar-Yan – Jade Screen

With an identifiably warm persona, a friendly, approachable look and graceful fighting style, Hong Kong actor Leung Kar Yan was not a typical martial arts star by any standard. Playing against the traditional leading male stereotype, he appeared in some of the most highly regarding kung fu movies of the 1970s and 80s, collaborating with Hong Kong’s best loved filmmakers. Sporting a tall athletic frame and trademark mane of thick, untamed hair, Leung came to be known as ‘Beardy’, a nickname passed to him by western …

Good To Be Bad: Waise Lee – Jade Screen

The Best of the Hong Kong movie villains… Waise Lee is a popular and hugely underrated Hong Kong actor, well known for his villainous roles and sly, backstabbing characters. Seen widely in the ‘heroic bloodshed’ films of the 1980s, he was a supporting star who Hong Kong audiences loved to hate, typically playing a greedy small-time triad who switches sides in his pursuit for power Download the article here!    

Interview with Yang Ik-june – Jade Screen

For Asian movie fans sleeping under a rock, Breathless, the latest project from Korean filmmaker Yang Ik-june has been grabbing the interest of fans and critics all over the world. Already established on the festival circuit, Breathless has picked up numerous awards and stunned audiences with its raw, uncompromising portrayal of broken families and isolation. I caught up with the multi-talented writer, director, editor and star, Yang Ik-june… This interview, complete with an updated introduction, is due to appear in my book “Life of Action”. …

Good To Be Bad: Kelvin Wong – Jade Screen

The Best of the Hong Kong movie villains… Wong Siu, also known as Kelvin Wong, is a renowned character actor, often seen playing larger-than-life villains in Hong Kong and Taiwanese film. Initially playing minor bad guys earlier in his career, he soon migrated to the frontlines where he could be seen punishing and tormenting many an action hero in the most brutal way possible. Download the article here!

A Tribute to Shing Fui-on (1955-2009) – Jade Screen

Shing Fui-on is a name that needs no introduction to avid Hong Kong movie fans. Widely recognized from action and gangster films throughout the 1980s and 90s, Shing Fui-On, also known as ‘Daai So’ (‘Big Crazy’ in Cantonese) was one of cinema’s best loved villains. From his difficult early life battling poverty through to his rough and tough days as a young gang member, Shing was a rebel lucky enough to find an outlet for his energy in the film industry. In time he would become one …

Interviews with Mark Strange and Chee Keong Cheung – Jade Screen

Interviews with actor/producer, Mark Strange and writer/director/producer, Chee Keong Cheung, discussing their new film, Bodyguard: A New Beginning. Fast paced Hong Kong action collides with grainy British filmmaking in one of the most talked about films to recently emerge from the indie circuit. It’s not too often you see dynamic, high-impact martial artistry in London’s West End, but it’s a sight we could certainly get comfortable with. Directing his second action-packed feature film, Chee Keong Cheung moulds an energetic and …

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