Filming Wrapped on The Thompsons

I recently finished work as assistant fight choreographer on the forthcoming horror sequel, The Thompsons. The film is directed by The Butcher Brothers and follows the After Dark Horrorfest hit, The Hamiltons, which was released back in 2006 and did very well! Once again I had the opportunity to work with my friend, Mark Strange, who is well known as an actor and producer but also works as a fight choreographer, having collaborated with some great names in action, including …

Filming Wrapped on Hood

I was very pleased to be asked by friend Okorie Chukwu to come onboard for his directorial debut, Hood, a gritty short film set in the urban metropolis of London. I worked as assistant fight choreographer and played a member of the Fallen Angels gang, essentially a bad guy – though I also got to stalk and kidnap a woman before getting into a 3-on-1 fight with the hero, so there was plenty for my villain to do! The scenes …

Filming Wrapped on World of the Dead

I recently completed assisting on fight scenes for the sequel to The Zombie Diaries – which is using the sub-title, World of the Dead. I was really pleased to be working with my good friend, Mark Strange, who was the lead fight choreographer on the film. It was a really good experience working with the actors and directors, ensuring the fight scenes were delivered with the right style and believability – all very brutal and hands on. The film is …

New Sammo Hung Book Released!

I have written two chapters in the new book, Enter the Fat Dragon: The Life & Films of Sammo Hung. This is also (surprisingly) the first book to ever be written on the career of this Hong Kong action legend! The two chapters I’ve written cover both his career as an iconic and well-loved director, plus his early upbringing in the successful child opera troupe, the Seven Little Fortunes (also featuring Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah and others). Synopsis: …

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