The Top Martial Arts Movie Villains

The Book The Film The T-Shirt presented this piece to coincide with the release of my book, Life of Action! In any story of good vs evil, a hero needs a strong, worthy villain to overcome. The best villains will always appear as good as (if not better than) the unlikely protagonist and only through sheer perseverance and battling the odds will our hero ultimately emerge triumphant. Throughout the decades, the martial arts genre has seen many villains transcend status as generic “bad guys” …

Movies That Inspired Life of Action

Over on the Life of Action Facebook page, we’ve been celebrating the great movies which inspired the book. I think it’s crucially important to acknowledge specific work, as well as the artists who made it happen. I also hope the book encourages people to re-visit, or see for the first time, certain movies in a new light or with fresh insight, as this was definitely my aim. Films like Undisputed II and III changed the Martial Arts movie landscape, especially in the …

Guest on Double Page Spread Podcast

I was very happy to be invited as a guest on the Double Page Spread podcast (episode 123) to discuss writing Life of Action, its featured stars and filmmakers, movies, my own film work, the state of the action industry and a range of other topics. Big thanks to host Wendi Freeman for having me! You can listen here.

10/10 Book Review from Kung Fu Kingdom

I’m very proud and grateful that my book Life of Action earned a really strong review and 10/10 score from Kung Fu Kingdom! They described it as: “A brilliant consolidation of interviews with the filmmakers, actors and stunt people who bring us the action films that we love to watch. The questions asked are thoughtful and pertinent, and the answers provided are interesting and useful…” Read the full review here!

The Best Martial Arts Horror Movies

Horror Cult Films presented this piece to coincide with the recent release of my book, Life of Action! When two extreme genres collide, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Spanning well known and loved films from both the East and West, the tradition of blending dynamic fight action and blood ’n guts has always appealed to audiences and brought together the best of both worlds for genre fans. To celebrate the release of Life of Action, a new book featuring …

Book review in Film Comment Magazine

There was a very positive one page review of my book Life of Action in the July/August 2015 issue of Film Comment Magazine! It’s featured in the print edition only so pick it up if you can. Hopefully it will be made available online at some point, otherwise you can order it or find out more about the magazine over at Film Comment is the official publication of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Founded in 1962 and originally released as a …

7/10 book review from Starburst Magazine

I’m very proud that my book Life of Action has earned a really positive review and 7/10 score from Starburst Magazine! They even went on to say the book represents “an irresistible opportunity to learn more about the lives and work of hard-working, largely-unsung and often fairly anonymous filmmakers.” You can read the full review here. Thanks for the support!

Interview with Kung Fu Movie Guide

Here’s a new, in-depth interview I did with Kung Fu Movie Guide discussing many topics including my book, Life of Action, action genre trends, working with Scott Adkins, the legacy of Darren Shahlavi and more. Thanks for the opportunity and support! They wrote: “Life of Action is the first book by film journalist Mike Fury. It’s a detailed analysis of action cinema told by some of the genre’s most famous names and features interviews with stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, directors …

Isaac Florentine Exclusive with Moviescope

To celebrate the release of my book Life of Action, renowned filmmaking magazine Moviescope shared an exclusive extract from Undisputed & Ninja director Isaac Florentine‘s interview, discussing his earliest memories working in America, having moved from Israel as a young man. Read the full article here. Remember, you can order the book in print and ebook formats from here!

Interview with Film Combat Syndicate

Here’s an interview I did with Film Combat Syndicate discussing my book, Life of Action. Thanks for having me! They wrote: “It’s a new generation for the genre, far more different than the glory days it saw earlier in the last four decades, but the love for the craft is still there as well as the fandom, and the continued growth of the connectivity of the audience. UK choreographer/actor Mike Fury is no stranger to the voices among the crowd, …

Guest Host on Filmsploitation: The Film Podcast (Episode 16)

Tonight I appeared as the guest host (joining presenters Phil Hobden and Richard Blanchett) on episode 16 of Filmsploitation: The Film Podcast! In their own words, the podcast is: “A journey through all the good, the bad and the ugly that film has to offer. A fortnightly mix of reviews, news and opinion interspersed with the occasional special ‘Alternate Commentary’ or ‘Interview’ here and there. Hosted by Richard Blanchett & Phil Hobden, with a team of movie experts, we aim to offer an alternative view …

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