Copywriting for Film Industry Professionals

Mark Strange Vyomax

What you see is what you’re buying. Quality content and design is essential for anyone looking to promote themselves well. This is true for companies, freelancers or anyone else. Whether you work as a filmmaker, producer, actor or stunt performer, your CV and website needs to reflect the quality of work you push yourself so hard to achieve. It needs to match the work you put out there and sell yourself in the best possible light. Where’s the value in a great novel with a bad cover? Just like where’s the benefit in having a good actor with a bad reel or bad headshots? The same is true for your website and online profile which counts for a lot these days. With this in mind, I turned attention to producing copy and content for industry professionals who wanted to really sell their work and accomplishments through their website and promo materials. I also provide competitive rates for totally bespoke website creation (none of this off the shelf template rubbish) and combine this with my personalised content to create a great site and package. The service I offer is flexible, affordable and totally bespoke for you.

The work includes any or all of the following:

  • Biog
  • CV / Filmography
  • All website text content
  • Press releases
  • Press coverage/advertorials
  • Bespoke and unique website development


Get in touch and we can discuss all this further. I work with your goals in mind and as a big supporter of this industry, my aim is to promote and publicise your work in the best possible way. I’ve worked with many filmmakers, producers, actors and fitness models and helped them rebrand and re-launch.

For further information please get in touch at the link above.