Mark Strange Interview for Vyomax Nutrition

Mark Strange Vyomax

Interview produced for Vyomax Nutrition‘s website and blog with British action actor and Vyomax sponsored athlete, Mark Strange. Mark answered questions on balancing work and training, nutrition and tips on how to improve and meet personal goals.

Mark Strange is an action actor and Vyomax Nutrition ambassador well known to the UK Martial Arts crowd. He has competed internationally, won competitive titles and remains one of the most promising Martial Arts actors on the scene. Having racked up an impressive selection of credits including Twins Effect, The Medallion (both in Hong Kong), Batman Begins, 12, Bodyguard: A New Beginning, Best Laid Plans and more, he frequently pushes himself over the line to ensure his action performances are dynamic and exciting. Having regularly appeared in Martial Arts and fitness press like Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat, Fighter’s Only and AskMen, Mark has a world of training knowledge and hits new targets preparing for every project.

Building momentum towards his most physically demanding film to date, he shared some insight into training for action movies and how to push yourself to the next level in your own programme.

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