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Eden Gray Interview

Here is an interview I filmed just before fight coordinating new kickass short film, Eden Gray, which has now wrapped. In the story, soldier Eden Grey becomes the target of a shadow agency when she escapes a facility after being subjected to an off-the-record experiment. On the run, Eden must avoid capture and go public with evidence that will expose the startling truth behind the clinical trials. In the interview I talk about my background, previous work, my efforts with my book Life of Action …

Guest on Kung Fu Movie Guide Podcast

I was very happy to chat with Ben Johnson from Kung Fu Movie Guide for Episode 2 of their new podcast. We discussed a wide range of topics including my book Life of Action, favourite movies and actors, my own on set film experiences, future projects and more. It was a lot of fun, thanks for having me! Mike Fury is an author, journalist, choreographer and action movie expert. He is also a great guest to have on the Kung Fu …

Heist: Interview with Scott Mann

To celebrate the UK release of new action/thriller Heist, I caught up with Brit director Scott Mann and interviewed him for MyM Buzz. Hailing from the unlikeliest of places in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, England, film director Scott Mann first caught the attention of fans with fast-paced British action film, The Tournament, starring Robert Carlyle and Ving Rhames. Taking the genre back to gritty, violent roots, the film offered a throwback to hard stunts and physical action in an age …

Guest on Double Page Spread Podcast

I was very happy to be invited as a guest on the Double Page Spread podcast (episode 123) to discuss writing Life of Action, its featured stars and filmmakers, movies, my own film work, the state of the action industry and a range of other topics. Big thanks to host Wendi Freeman for having me! You can listen here.

Interview with Kung Fu Movie Guide

Here’s a new, in-depth interview I did with Kung Fu Movie Guide discussing many topics including my book, Life of Action, action genre trends, working with Scott Adkins, the legacy of Darren Shahlavi and more. Thanks for the opportunity and support! They wrote: “Life of Action is the first book by film journalist Mike Fury. It’s a detailed analysis of action cinema told by some of the genre’s most famous names and features interviews with stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, directors …

Midnight Run: Interview with writer George Gallo

George Gallo is a highly accomplished writer and filmmaker, best known for his work on major box office hits and fan favourites like Wise Guys, Midnight Run and Bad Boys. Beginning as a successful screenwriter, he also transitioned into filmmaking when he wrote and directed 29th Street which kicked off a new chapter in his career. He has since produced and directed a number of prolific projects, while pursuing art and music. As a writer, Gallo’s scripts are sharp, punchy and, for anyone who has seen the films listed above, …

Interview with Film Combat Syndicate

Here’s an interview I did with Film Combat Syndicate discussing my book, Life of Action. Thanks for having me! They wrote: “It’s a new generation for the genre, far more different than the glory days it saw earlier in the last four decades, but the love for the craft is still there as well as the fandom, and the continued growth of the connectivity of the audience. UK choreographer/actor Mike Fury is no stranger to the voices among the crowd, …

Screen Fighting Workshop at The Biz Theatre School – March 2013

Following on from a successful screen fighting workshop last year, I taught a new screen fighting workshop at The Biz Theatre School in Surrey. The performing arts students learned about basic strikes and reactions for camera, as well as introducing weapons into the mix. Everyone had fun and the workshop concluded with a Q&A. For enquiries please get in touch through the contact button above

Screen Fighting Workshop at The Biz Theatre School – November 2012

I taught a beginner’s screen fighting workshop for students at The Biz Theatre School in Surrey. The students learned how to perform basic strikes and reactions seen in all types of screen fighting, ranging from TV dramas to filmmaking. The workshop concluded with a Q&A and the students asked lots of great questions For enquiries please get in touch through the Contact button above

The Thompsons arrives on DVD through Lionsgate

Following a successful premiere and great response at Film4 FrightFest this year, The Thompsons DVD and soundtrack has been released by Lionsgate. The film has also earned great reviews and an excellent fan response so be sure to pick up your copy! Myself and Mark Strange are heavily featured in the DVD special features discussing how we constructed the movie’s fight scenes, so take a look. (From the DVD) “In The Butcher Brothers’ award-winning original film, ‘The Hamiltons’ were a dysfunctional, …

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