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Filming The Marshlands

I have recently been working on the pilot for new TV series The Marshlands. This exciting new concept explores a dystopian future in which the effects of climate change have altered our planet dramatically. This story was inspired by the ongoing issue of global warming and its potential impact on the world as we know it. The series delves into the lives of those inhabiting this new world, and how they have had to adapt to survive. I stunt coordinated the fight action …

Confine Gets Cinema and DVD Release

Confine is released in the UK by Koch Media and will be in cinemas and on DVD from Monday 1 July! I was stunt coordinator on the film and had a lot of fun working with a great team. In the film, Pippa (Daisy Lowe) is a physically and emotionally scarred former model living as a recluse in her meticulous Georgian flat. When a heist taking place in the same building goes wrong, Pippa’s home is broken into by the …

Screen Fighting Workshop at The Biz Theatre School – March 2013

Following on from a successful screen fighting workshop last year, I taught a new screen fighting workshop at The Biz Theatre School in Surrey. The performing arts students learned about basic strikes and reactions for camera, as well as introducing weapons into the mix. Everyone had fun and the workshop concluded with a Q&A. For enquiries please get in touch through the contact button above

Filming Wrapped on I Am Soldier

I’ve just wrapped filming a supporting role in I Am Soldier. The film stars Tom Hughes (Cemetery Junction), Noel Clarke (Adulthood) and Alex Reid (The Descent) and is written and directed by Ronnie Thompson (Tower Block). A recent press release describes: “it details the story of a young man’s quest to join the ranks of the British special forces unit, the Special Air Service, despite a parachute accident jeopardizing his chances.” More information on the film will be available soon. A …

Filming Wrapped on Green Street 3: Never Back Down

I’ve wrapped filming a small fighting role on Green Street 3: Never Back Down. The film stars Scott Adkins (Undisputed II & III, Expendables 2) and Joey Ansah (The Bourne Ultimatum, Snow White and The Huntsman) and is directed by James Nunn (Tower Block). Action design was also handed by Joey Ansah. It was a real honour to be involved in this with a great bunch of guys. More information on the film will be available soon.

Screen Fighting Workshop at The Biz Theatre School – November 2012

I taught a beginner’s screen fighting workshop for students at The Biz Theatre School in Surrey. The students learned how to perform basic strikes and reactions seen in all types of screen fighting, ranging from TV dramas to filmmaking. The workshop concluded with a Q&A and the students asked lots of great questions For enquiries please get in touch through the Contact button above

The Thompsons arrives on DVD through Lionsgate

Following a successful premiere and great response at Film4 FrightFest this year, The Thompsons DVD and soundtrack has been released by Lionsgate. The film has also earned great reviews and an excellent fan response so be sure to pick up your copy! Myself and Mark Strange are heavily featured in the DVD special features discussing how we constructed the movie’s fight scenes, so take a look. (From the DVD) “In The Butcher Brothers’ award-winning original film, ‘The Hamiltons’ were a dysfunctional, …

Confine at Raindance Film Festival

Confine has been nominated for ‘Best UK Feature’ at the Raindance Film Festival 2012! I had a great time working on the stunts and action for this with a talented team. “Director and screenwriter Tobias Tobbell has created a tense, claustrophobic thriller with a talented and stylish young cast. We find anxious former model Pippa (Daisy Lowe) pottering around in her spacious London flat in four-inch heels, supported by a walking stick. It is clear that she has been through a lot, but she is about …

No Turning Back article from Eastern Film Fans

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Eastern Film Fans for their support! Their write-up is printed below.   “The artwork for the forthcoming action short, No Turning Back, has recently been released online. The film marks the directorial debut of action choreographer and film journalist, Mike Fury. No Turning Back is reported to be an action drama which follows a Martial Arts instructor who fights back against gangsters who kidnap his son. Featured in the cast is British …

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Announced

Comic Con is without doubt one of the world’s prime hotspots for announcing exciting news and major breakthroughs in the world of comics, video games and films. With major stars and personalities in attendance, the event is a fan’s dream come true and says a huge amount for the passion and enthusiasm displayed by audiences – which stands stronger than ever. In addition to the major film appearances and panels (such as The Expendables 2 and others), from a grassroots …

Filming Wrapped on The Thompsons

I recently finished work as assistant fight choreographer on the forthcoming horror sequel, The Thompsons. The film is directed by The Butcher Brothers and follows the After Dark Horrorfest hit, The Hamiltons, which was released back in 2006 and did very well! Once again I had the opportunity to work with my friend, Mark Strange, who is well known as an actor and producer but also works as a fight choreographer, having collaborated with some great names in action, including …

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