Mike-Fury-Action-ChoreographerTraining is so important and forms a crucial part of my lifestyle and work. Whether you work in the film business or not, staying physically active is vital – whatever you want to do. If you happen to have an interest in Martial Arts, then even better!

My training has changed quite a lot over the years. Previously, I swam competitively, took part in team sports and tried lots of different training methods in the gym (high volume, low volume, circuit style, etc).

Today I train almost exclusively in Martial Arts and weight training and adapt cardio. In Martial Arts, I began practising Wing Chun but today I’ve migrated to more of a Mixed Martial Arts approach. The main disciplines I work today are Kickboxing for standup and also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I occasionally train with weapons and of course still maintain weight training (normally splitting the body into 3 main muscle groups) plus cardio/conditioning.

This can vary depending on what I’m doing and whether I’m emphasising or de-emphasising certain training types. But in general I try to maintain physique training and conditioning alongside Martial Arts and always stretch thoroughly at the end of every session.

Whatever you want to do, your health and fitness is your most vital asset so find something you enjoy and stick at it!