Wesley Snipes Strikes Back!

wesleysnipesWesley Snipes fans will be pleased to know the high-kicking, athletic Blade star seems to be back on form! Since being overshadowed by legal problems in 2006, and today still appealing his three year conviction for tax related charges, Snipes has inevitably been less active in his filmmaking output.

I’ve been a Snipes fan for many years since his all-action outings in 90s genre classics like Passenger 57 and Demolition Man. He was always a likeable, non-stereotyped star who was impressive to watch, especially within the realm of action where he could really demonstrate his physicality. As we know, there is a believability when the star is physically capable of doing what is expected of the character! Paying attention to his martial arts background, giving him numerous opportunities for slick hand-to-hand fight scenes, Snipes was always a versatile action star and rarely got the credit he deserved. Movies like The Fan and The Art of War also proved he could deliver solid performances and was willing to branch out in his roles. If you browse through his filmography, for the most part you’ll see a list of really good, successful genre films. Surely this is the gauge of a real star? Undoubtedly the quality of his work dipped in recent years with a mixed bag of DTV releases. Some were entertaining (Hard Luck), while others were off-the-scale unwatchable (7 Seconds).

After the disappointing result of Art of War II, I was hoping the next project would be as good as I knew it could be! Fortunately this seems to be the case and 2010 could be a very good year for Wesley Snipes. Firstly we see him feature as one of the leads in Antoine Fuqua’s (Training Day) ensemble piece, Brooklyn’s Finest. This rough and raw cop drama has already picked up strong reviews in the US and places Snipes alongside Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke. Additionally, fans are awaiting the release of his next starring role in Game of Death. Based on the trailer, the film already puts across a decidedly higher calibre of action compared to more recent efforts, delivering a tense story as Snipes’ Secret Ops agent is double crossed and hunted by his CIA backup in a hospital. Cue plenty of close-quarters combat and gunplay, with Brit action star Gary Daniels going toe-to-toe with the man himself! The film is due for release later in the year. Hopefully these new titles will show Snipes at his old-skool best and introduce new fans to a better side of his work.